Tooth-Colored Fillings in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Do you have a cavity in your tooth causing you pain? For tooth-colored fillings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, contact Smile For Life to schedule your appointment today.

Tooth Fillings in Philadelphia, PA

At Smile For Life, we pride ourselves in the high-quality care we provide to our valued patients. When you have a cavity, you want it to be filled quickly and with quality materials. Choose to get a tooth-colored filling from Smile For Life to maintain your beautiful white smile.

When Do You Need a Filling?

If you have a cavity in your teeth, then you will need to get a filling to prevent the decay from spreading further. If allowed to spread the decay will result in a significant amount of pain and more painful and costly treatment. Untreated, a decaying tooth is likely to eventually require root canal treatment or removal of the tooth.

What Is a Tooth-Colored Filling?

A tooth-colored filling is precisely that - a tooth-colored alternative to the silver amalgam fillings that were once mostly used to repair cavities. The color is very similar to the natural color of your teeth, making it far less obvious that you have had any work done on your teeth.

Tooth-colored, or composite fillings, are very durable and stand up well to wear. They are also easy for your dentist to put in. Your dentist will remove the decay from the tooth before cleaning out the cavity to remove the bacteria. The tooth-colored composite material will then fill in the hole, restoring the tooth with very little time needed for the material to set. Your tooth will be as good as new!

How Should I Care for My Composite Filling?

There are few side effects associated with getting a tooth-colored filling. The main thing to be aware of is that your mouth may remain numb for a few hours afterward as the local anesthetic wears off. Be mindful when you are eating not to bite your lips or gums.

Your new filling will not require any special care besides good general oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, including your teeth with fillings to try to prevent further decay to other teeth. If you feel like your filling has become loose, contact us immediately to make an appointment to have it checked out.

Do Fillings Hurt?

It is unusual to experience pain when you are having a tooth filled. Our dentist will administer a local anesthetic in your gums around the tooth to be filled, which will numb the area.

You will not feel any pain while your tooth is being cleaned with the drill, but may feel a slight pressure. If you experience any discomfort, alert us immediately. And if you experience anxiety about visiting the dentist ask us about whether or not laughing gas can help make you feel more comfortable during your visit.

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My family and I LOVE this brand new dentistry, all updated. My kids loved Dr. Gadalla and everyone in the office is very nice. I highly recommend this dentistry.

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I am so pleased with my experience there and very satisfied with the care and attention that my mom has received. Such a great staff!

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Very nice people. Make me feel welcome. Good services overall. Definitely would recommend anyone else.
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