Teeth Extractions in
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When you require teeth extractions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, book an appointment with the professional team at Smile For Life. Our highly trained team is focused on providing excellent quality dental care to all those that need it.

Dental Tooth Extractions in Philadelphia, PA

Do you have a severely damaged tooth that has not responded to other forms of treatment and needs to be extracted? Or do you have one or more wisdom teeth causing you pain? Then a tooth extraction may be the best option for you. Book a consultation with our friendly team to talk over your options as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If I Need a Tooth Extraction?

The extraction of one or more teeth might be needed for many reasons. The most well-known reason for extractions is the removal of wisdom teeth in teenagers and young adults. Many young people find that their wisdom teeth do not grow in smoothly, which causes anything from mild discomfort to pain and requires removal of the wisdom teeth. Here at Smile For Life, we are able to perform wisdom teeth extractions if we believe it to be necessary, helping to keep you happy and smiling.

Other reasons for teeth extractions include bad tooth decay, infection, or crowding in the mouth. While we always advocate saving the natural tooth sometimes, that is not possible, and we will recommend an extraction. Give us a call today to talk to our friendly team about your situation and whether tooth extraction is the best option for you.

What Can I Expect When I Have My Tooth Extracted?

Tooth extraction is generally a quick procedure performed under a local anesthetic. Here at Smile For Life, we can also administer laughing gas to help keep you comfortable during the extraction. Speak to us about using laughing gas during your initial consultation if you believe you would benefit from it.

We will take an X-ray of your tooth to ensure we understand the positioning of the tooth and extent of the damage. Depending on the situation, you will require either a simple or surgical extraction. During a simple extraction, your tooth will be removed with forceps after it has been loosened with a dental elevator. For a surgical extraction, a small incision will be made into your gum to remove the tooth safely.

Are There Any Risks Associated with a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction does have a few risks associated with it, but if we recommend that you proceed with it, then the benefits far outway the risks. One of the main risks is what is called dry socket. After a tooth is removed, a blood clot will naturally form in the socket. However, if this does not occur or if the clot is dislodged, the bone will be exposed. This is known as dry socket. If this happens, your dentist will apply a sedative dressing over the socket for a few days while a new clot forms.

Other risks include bleeding, redness, and swelling at the site of extraction, nausea, and fever, which signals an infection. Phone us immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. At your consultation, we will make sure to thoroughly discuss all of the possible side effects and make sure you have peace of mind before proceeding.

Postoperative Care

Tooth extraction aftercare normally lasts for a few days. Immediately after the extraction, your dentist will place a gauze pad in your mouth where the tooth was pulled. It is important that you bite down hard on the gauze to reduce the bleeding and aid in clot formation. This gauze should be left in place for three to four hours. If swelling has occurred, use an icepack on your cheek for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time to relieve it.

Over the next few days, remember to take any medications prescribed by your dentist. Additionally, avoid the extraction site when brushing and flossing and take care to eat soft foods. A saltwater mouth rinse 24 hours after the procedure can help avoid infection. Remember to get in touch with us straight away if you have any questions or are experiencing pain post tooth extraction.

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